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ARML File no POI displayed

ARML File no POI displayed

I tried to greate my first World with an ARML file and the upload worked perfect.

But if I start the Wikitude app at my mobile i find the world but there isn't any POI.

I don't know what I did wrong.

The File is:

Can anybody help?

Thanks a lot

Christoph from Austria

Hi Christoph,

please check that your ARML file is valid XML, which in your case e.g. is missing the correct namespace declaration:

<kml xmlns="" xmlns:ar="" xmlns:wikitude="">

Also make sure that the reference to the AR provider is identical within the XML file

id="kartographiesches Projektpraktikum"

<ar:provider>KARTOGRAPHISCHES PROJEKTPRAKTIKUM ss2013</ar:provider>
<ar:provider>Kartographisches Projektpraktikum</ar:provider>

All of the above must be identical.

Hi Philipp,

Thanks. My first World works!!!

Hi! I have the same issue, I tried to apply what you just indicate, but nothing seems to work, I am a little concerned about the POI location, as I think it's wrong, but I don't know how to debug it.

If you could please check my arml syntax I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance

This is the arml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<kml xmlns="" xmlns:ar="" xmlns:wikitude="">



        <ar:provider id="UBIKUA">

            <ar:name>El Mundo Aumentado de Ubikua</ar:name>

            <ar:description>Los Lugares de UBIKUA en Canarias</ar:description>

            <wikitude:providerUrl> </wikitude:providerUrl>

            <wikitude:tags>ruta, canarias, adeje, ubikua</wikitude:tags>

            <wikitude:logo> </wikitude:logo>

            <wikitude:icon> </wikitude:icon>

            <wikitude:shortName>Mountain Tours</wikitude:shortName>

            <wikitude:promotionText>Join us for the pick of your dreams!</wikitude:promotionText>

            <wikitude:promotionGraphic> </wikitude:promotionGraphic>

            <wikitude:hiResIcon> </wikitude:hiResIcon>

            <wikitude:featureGraphic> </wikitude:featureGraphic>



        <Placemark id="123">



            <description>El estudio de Ubikua se encuentra en el Centro de Desarrollo Turistico de Adeje</description>









                <wikitude:url name="Servicios"></wikitude:url>


                <wikitude:address>Calle Amantillo 6, 38670 Adeje, Spain</wikitude:address>


                <wikitude:attachment name="Adjunto pdf">

                <wikitude:attachment-url> </wikitude:attachment-url> 


                <wikitude:attachment name="Adjunto imagen"> 

                <wikitude:attachment-thumbnail> </wikitude:attachment-thumbnail>

                <wikitude:attachment-url> </wikitude:attachment-url> 












Hi Francis,

Please change the order for Latitude/Longitude. The correct format is: longitude, latitude, altitude. Altitude is optional.

Should you have further questions to the format of the ARML file, please check the specification which is available here.


Wonderful! thanks a lot for your help!

Kind Regards

Francis Ortiz
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