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ARML File no POI displayed

ARML File no POI displayed

Hi Christoph,

please check that your ARML file is valid XML, which in your case e.g. is missing the correct namespace declaration:

<kml xmlns="" xmlns:ar="" xmlns:wikitude="">

Also make sure that the reference to the AR provider is identical within the XML file

id="kartographiesches Projektpraktikum"

<ar:provider>KARTOGRAPHISCHES PROJEKTPRAKTIKUM ss2013</ar:provider>
<ar:provider>Kartographisches Projektpraktikum</ar:provider>

All of the above must be identical.

Hi! I have the same issue, I tried to apply what you just indicate, but nothing seems to work, I am a little concerned about the POI location, as I think it's wrong, but I don't know how to debug it.

If you could please check my arml syntax I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance

This is the arml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<kml xmlns="" xmlns:ar="" xmlns:wikitude="">



        <ar:provider id="UBIKUA">

            <ar:name>El Mundo Aumentado de Ubikua</ar:name>

            <ar:description>Los Lugares de UBIKUA en Canarias</ar:description>

            <wikitude:providerUrl> </wikitude:providerUrl>

            <wikitude:tags>ruta, canarias, adeje, ubikua</wikitude:tags>

            <wikitude:logo> </wikitude:logo>

            <wikitude:icon> </wikitude:icon>

            <wikitude:shortName>Mountain Tours</wikitude:shortName>

            <wikitude:promotionText>Join us for the pick of your dreams!</wikitude:promotionText>

            <wikitude:promotionGraphic> </wikitude:promotionGraphic>

            <wikitude:hiResIcon> </wikitude:hiResIcon>

            <wikitude:featureGraphic> </wikitude:featureGraphic>



        <Placemark id="123">



            <description>El estudio de Ubikua se encuentra en el Centro de Desarrollo Turistico de Adeje</description>









                <wikitude:url name="Servicios"></wikitude:url>


                <wikitude:address>Calle Amantillo 6, 38670 Adeje, Spain</wikitude:address>


                <wikitude:attachment name="Adjunto pdf">

                <wikitude:attachment-url> </wikitude:attachment-url> 


                <wikitude:attachment name="Adjunto imagen"> 

                <wikitude:attachment-thumbnail> </wikitude:attachment-thumbnail>

                <wikitude:attachment-url> </wikitude:attachment-url> 












Hi Francis,

Please change the order for Latitude/Longitude. The correct format is: longitude, latitude, altitude. Altitude is optional.

Should you have further questions to the format of the ARML file, please check the specification which is available here.


Wonderful! thanks a lot for your help!

Kind Regards

Francis Ortiz

I tried to greate my first World with an ARML file and the upload worked perfect.

But if I start the Wikitude app at my mobile i find the world but there isn't any POI.

I don't know what I did wrong.

The File is:

Can anybody help?

Thanks a lot

Christoph from Austria

Hi Philipp,

Thanks. My first World works!!!
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