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GeoPoints and HTML Drawables

GeoPoints and HTML Drawables
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Hi all,

I?m new to Wikitude and am looking to use GeoPoints and HTML Drawables to create points of interest on a specific location. This location can be found on Google Maps. Within this location, there are several other spots that I want to have ?call outs? on. I.E. If I was at a hotel, I want the pop outs for the pool, the basketball area, etc. Essentially, if a user took out their phone and entered my Wikitude World, they would see the name ?Pool? pop up over the pool area and whatnot, no matter if they were in the parking lot or on some other part of the hotel

Let?s say I have the longitude and latitude location of the pool and other areas, how would I go about implementing it so that an HTML drawable can be placed over these locations. Can I use GeoPoints? I don?t need to have my main location as a point of interest (I.E. hotel), but I need people who are on my point of interest to see text over the pool area, basketball area, etc.

Any help would be much appreciated. Would using the third tutorial be my best route or is there another method I should be implementing?

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