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Callback function to get list of POIs visible on screen

Callback function to get list of POIs visible on screen


  How can we get to know what are the POIs are visible on the screen. I went through the wikitude documentation but couldn't find any function related to it. As of now i found onEnter() function as a callback function, but it is not giving any POI information.

  My intension is displaying the visible POIs on the screen in a ListView format and the listview has to change its data dynamically as user changes the camera view direction.  Once user selects a POI from the listview, i want to display the selected POI on the camera.

Please help if you find any information regarding this task.

Thank You


You looked at the right trigger AR.GeoObject.onEnter/ExitFieldOfVision will give you the info of which pois enter or leave the field of vision. Since these functions are called on the GeoObjects' you can access the GeoObject's data by referencing it with this.

Here is a short snippet how I would do it (untested though ;) ):

var obj = new AR.GeoObject( ..., {onEnterFieldOfVision: function() { addPoiToList(this.poiData); });
obj.poiData = {name: "some name", description: "some description"};


Thank you Wolfgang, I'll try this out and let you know the result.
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