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Wikitude on nexus

Wikitude on nexus

Hello,I am a very new user of the Wikitude SDK 2.0 for Android. I have a problem with an application that uses the plugin Wikitude on android PhoneGap. The error is "TypeError: Object has no method 'callAsync'" when the statement is executed:

var image = new AR.ImageResource ("overlay.png", {onError: error});

Use device as the galaxy nexus android version 4.2.2.

Thanks for your attention

Hi there!

Please ensure you imported the required Wikitude SDK and added it to your project as described in the github documentation.

Kind regards,

Hi, thanks for the reply. By creating the apk and by turning on the tablet 10.1 samsung galaxy note android version 4.1.2 everything is working correctly, the problem is only on the nexus.

Thanks for your attention
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