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Animated 3D models

Animated 3D models

Hi all,

what options do I have to include animated 3D models?

As I understand, 3D model support is a quite recent feature, and Wikitude uses its own format (.wt3).

We would like to import 3D models _including_ their mesh animations, similar to the way in which three.js uses its JSON model format for animated objects. Any chance the current development is going this direction? Or do you know of some other workaround? (e.g. include three.js in the project?)

Thanks for hints and directions!


I have same question, is Json model format supported for animation ?

example json animations :


Good morning,

you might be able to run such an animation using a HTMLDrawable. It uses a WebView internally and should largely behave like a regular web browser.

But we do not support the loading of any JSON animations directly, or any other 2D animations.

- Daniel

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