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3D Model Lighting

3D Model Lighting

Thank you for your support. I am having problems with 3D lighting and modeling. The test model I?m using comes through as just a color shape with no detail in my app. I?ve attached 3 files as reference.
Test Cube.blend ? this is the file that I?m working with in Blender.
Test Cube.fbx ? This is the export from Blender that I?m bringing into the Wikitude SDK.
Text Cube.png ? This is a screen shot of what the model looks like in the app I?ve written with the Wikitude SDK.
In the model I have one light source setup in Blender. In Blender I can see the model as expected. I?m not sure if the problem is with additional lights sources or with an export setting.
I?m pretty new with Blender and Wikitude so any detail you can provide, no matter how small, will help.

Hello Bradley,

We suggest the export of dae-files for static 3d-models from blender. Somehow the point-light is not recognized after fbx-export / import into the Wikitude3dEncoder. I will have a look at it if this is a problem of the encoder or of the blender-export.

If you change the light to 'Sun' then it should work. I used blender-version 2.66a. You find the blender file attached.

Hope that helps,



Please ignore my last relpy, we had a similar post related to this:

The problem is that blender exports the point light as ambient light when exporting to fbx. In order to get your desired result you need to set a point light and a directional light (=Sun).

See attached file.

Christian, Thank you for the help I will work with the download you sent. I am sure that will aid a lot in my further understanding of blender to Wikitude.

Thanks, Brad
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