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unable to import SimpleARbrowser sample app to Eclipse

unable to import SimpleARbrowser sample app to Eclipse

The instructions provided at documentation are not updated, as it refers to <SDK>/example/Android folder where as the current version of SDK has <SDK>/examples/ . When trying to import the samples, only SimpleIR and IR & Geo apps get selected. I am unable to import SimpleARbrowser application. Could you please help me in importing SimpleARbrowser application to Eclipse?

Hi there!

Strange, maybe the project-file has an issue, we'll check in next update.
You may also include the assets using import and select the whole directory, or even paste the project-files directly into your workspace.

Hope that helps.

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Hi all!

I downloaded the SDK yesterday and I am also stuck with the same issue. The problem is that the project file doesn't exist in the example folder. Could you please post it so we can download it, please? Thank you!

Kind regards,

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