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Play video into htmlDrawable

Play video into htmlDrawable

no video support... bummer :(


this video has been created using a very early prototype specifically for this demo video. Wikitude currently does not support video overlays as part of the Wikitude SDK or ARchitect. 


Would like to know if video overlay can now be achieved. How was it done in this wikitude video.


You could use the AR.context.openInBrowser() method to start a fullscreen browser window to display the video. Or use AR.context.startVideoPlayer() to play a video file directly (no youtube support though).

Ok, no video on HtmlDrawable yet.

What's actually the best supported way to display a video (ie from Youtube) in my AR World?

theoretically yes, but practically this won't work. The HTML content is updated to slow for a video to actually play well. Because of this we haven't tried it.

Video support is on our roadmap but I don't have any dates to share yet.

Hy everyone,

is it possible to play a Video into an htmlDrawable?
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