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Number of POI`s showing in Define Culling distance

Number of POI`s showing in Define Culling distance


I want to get the nuber of the poi the wikitude engine showing currently.

I am passing about an array of 180 objects but due to culling disance arrangment wikitude show only 80 of them in the Ar view.

This number will be dynamic like this is a search part in the app. On the bases of search app passes an array to the wikitude sdk to load the data and on the bases of culling distance it shows the poi.

I want to get the number of pois which are currently been shown on the wikitude engine.

Any help will be more appritiated.

Thanks and Regards

Abhishek Goyal

You'll need to calculate the distance of the POIs to the current location. For this you can use:

var loc = new AR.GeoLocation(....);

Make sure to recalculate the distances whenever the location changes significantly. With the distances available you can do the counting in js whenever the culling distance changes.


Thanks for your answer it works.
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