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Position accuracy

Position accuracy



I'm trying to determine if wikitude is good for a future product. I have a couple of questions based on my work so far:


1. Does wikitude integrate the GPS position over time in order to provide the best accuracy and stability?

2. What is the internal precision used? It seems the position data passed to "onLocationChanged" uses only 4 decimal digits which gives the application a resolution of at least 10 meters.




The location used can come from different location providers (GPS, Wifi, Network) and varies in accuracy. You can read the "accuracy" parameter passed to the onLocationChanged trigger to get information on the locations accuracy.

On iOS the location incl. smoothing and decision what to provider is reporting the best location is reported. On Android you have to pass in the location based on your location strategy. Depending on the use-case: location is used via GPS or network and may be updated every second or once in a while. See for location strategies available on Android.

Internal precision used is double, but the accuracy of a location is depending on the location providers accuracy.
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