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wikitude looks like don't support ipod touch

wikitude looks like don't support ipod touch

wikitude phonegap plugin  don't support xcode 4.6.1(4h512), ios 6.1.3(10b329), with ipod touch 5Generation. 

in other word  'isDeviceSupported' return false.


wikitude for ios project run ipodtouch

but nothing displayed.


i wish it's my mistake..

anyone run wikitude on ipodtouch?


hi kim,


iPod Touch does not have the motion sensors to run the wikitude.


iPod touch only display the Ar camera while execution but failed to display any content due to unavailability of motion sensors like magnetic needel, compass callibration, etc.


So this is the reason your app is not working on iPod touch. Try to build your app on iPhone or iPad it will work.



Abhishek Goyal
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