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unstable POI 3D object

unstable POI 3D object

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Hi guys,

First of all, Im new to Wikitude Development.

Im using this piece of code to display a 3D object at a specified location.

AR.radar.background = new AR.ImageResource("radarImg.png");
       AR.radar.positionX = 0.1;
       AR.radar.positionY = 0.1;
       AR.radar.width = 0.4;
       AR.radar.centerX = 0.5;
       AR.radar.centerY = 0.5;
       AR.radar.radius = 0.4;
       AR.radar.northIndicator.image = new AR.ImageResource("north_arrow.png");
       AR.radar.onClick = function(){"radar was clicked");};
       AR.radar.enabled = true;
       var radarCircle = new AR.Circle(0.05, {style: {fillColor: '#83ff7b'}});

       AR.context.onLocationChanged = function( lat, lon, alt, acc ) {

           var myGeoLocation = new AR.GeoLocation(-26.143995, 28.027066, 1650.);

           var myModel = new AR.Model( "saabillboard.wt3" );
       var myGeoObject = new AR.GeoObject( myGeoLocation, { drawables: { cam: myModel, radar: radarCircle } } );

           AR.context.onLocationChanged = null;


The expected result isnt happening. My object is appearing fine, but when I move it keeps on updating its position. Im fine with it though, the object is moving up and down (my biggest issue), it may stand still for a few seconds then start moving again.

I used code from this tutorial


Is there someone who can help?



when we display the objects properly we are dependent on the sensors of your device and the sensors accuracy (GPS and compass). In case you are using your app indoors there might be problems with the GPS signal, if you have a lot of metal things (or magnets ;)) around you it might influence the sensor of the compass.

You could check the accuracy with the onLocationChanged function: void onLocationChanged ( latitude , longitude , altitude , accuracy ) (

You could also check the compass of the device. I see in your code that you added a radar. Check if the radar-points are jumping around. In this case you need to calibrate the compass.

If you get the chance to get your hands on a different device you could check your implementation there.

I hope that helps a bit,


Hi Christian,


Thank you for your reply.

Accuracy of the onLocationChanged function is 1. Is that value in meter?

Im testing in an open space. I knew devices could be the issue too. Tried it on another device, it's a lot more stable.

I guess there is nothing more I can do about it.

Another issue is the accuracy of the geolocation. How accurate are gps coordinates from your side because when I tried a specific location, my object isnt on the coordinates I marked. What tools do you recommend to use if we need to get proper gps data for your platform?

In fact our calculations are accurate. In general the accuracy really depends on the GPS-values we receive from the device. What kind of device do you use and which operating system is running on it?

I am working with Android devices, I am talking about the gps coordinates of my 3d object. I know devices are also playing a big role.

What we noticed when using different apps was that the google navigation app was way more accurate than what the app was providing. Same coordinates were displayed on different positions on the map depending on the app used.

Reason why Im asking


Hi Cris,

The described issue is caused by location updates that are forwarded to the ARchitectView.
Please have a look at recommended Android Location Strategies to minimize jumpings.
Keep in mind that Google Navigation may have even more precise user location thanks to sophisticated map matching algorithms.

Kind regards,


I'm facing actually the same problem on a sample app i'm doing. 

Everything is okay, the indicator works perfect, the 3d model shows on the geoLocation, but is totally impossible to me, get closer to the 3d model, or even go around the model, and see it from different angles, it's always in front of me, and seeing at same direction, i mean: i loaded 3d batman, and it spawns looking to the right side, and i can't never see his face, or even get closer to him.

What is happening? Is not supposed that the 3d model is placed on that spot, and depending on if you come closer, or go around it, you could analyze the model?

Using cordova plugin.

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