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is possible to set the accuracy?

is possible to set the accuracy?

thanks for your help....


my marker was 1 star... now i change the marker and is ok.



hi all,

i use wikitude with phonegap for a simple image tracker.

is possible to set the accuracy for recognition? my code:


/* Global variables */
var logoTracker = null;
var overlay = null;
var trackable2DObject = null;
var errorOccured = false;

function error() {
    errorOccured = true;
    document.getElementById("messageElement").innerHTML = "Unable to load image or tracker!";

function createTracker(){

    // create tracker
    trackerDataSetPath = "";
    logoTracker = new AR.Tracker(trackerDataSetPath, { onLoaded : trackerLoaded, onError: error });

    trackable2DObject = new AR.Trackable2DObject(logoTracker, "WikitudeLogo", { triggers: { onEnterFieldOfVision: enterFOV, onExitFieldOfVision: exitFOV} });


function enterFOV() {
    //$("#test").css("display", "block");

function exitFOV() {
        //$("#test").css("display", "none");

function trackerLoaded()
    if (errorOccured) return;

    document.getElementById("messageElement").style.display = "none";

function clickedClose() {
    document.location = 'architectsdk://actionButton?action=close';

function clickedHide() {
    document.location = 'architectsdk://hideButton?status=hide';


Hi Roberto,

Not sure if understood you correctly,

I recommend you to use good rated target images. Besides that there is no way to get frame-by-frame information "how accurate" your target is recognized while IR is active.

Kind regards,
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