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SDK Architect File. Local or remote?

SDK Architect File. Local or remote?


I'm new to Wikitude. Reading the documentation for everything I'm a little confused. I want to use the SDK (iOS & Android and possibly Blackberry) so it requests a remote Architec html file (located on my server). Is this possible?

Please clarify.



That's right. You are loading a html file into the ArchitectView. This is the starting point of the augmented reality experience. Wihtin the html file you have the javascript api available that let's you compose the AR scene and let's you define how the ar experience plays out.

It does not matter where the html file is located. It could be on a remote server or included in the application bundle. Including it in the application bundle generally allows faster loading of your ar experience.

Besides the html file you can have multiple resources like javascript, css and image files that you can reference relative to html file.

Thanks Wolgang!

Much appreciated!

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