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Multiple recognition

Multiple recognition

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Still working on my thesis, Augmented Reality and energy.

I have made some decent progress with your product. But would like to track multiple objects via Image recognition and displaying them all at once via drawable HTML.

Is this possible? Seems i can show them seperate but when two are combined he picks the one that is best trackable.





Hello Tim,


tracking and augmenting multiple image targets simultaneously is currently not supported, unfortunately.

Can you describe in more detail what you are trying to acheive? There may be alternative ways to acheive your goals.


Best regards,


Hi Nicolas,

For my thesis i need to read energy consumtion of devices used in daily life. This includes for example washers and dryers etc... , but also inverters etc.. since it is a solar powered setup.

All of this information needs to be displayed in AR. 

This video will give you an idea what i am trying to achieve.

I started with your product since it can do image recognition and tracking. Sadly home devices have very poor backgrouds to track anything so i changed to scanning QR codes on the devices with the IR tracker. To display the information being tracked  i am using HTMLDrawable objects.

But as you mentioned tracking and augmenting multiple image targets simultaneously is currently not supported.

Any idea when this will be supported?






Hi Tim,


we are currently actively discussing the support for multiple targets, however I cannot give you a definite release date at this time, unfortunately.

For demonstration purposes and if you know the constellation of the objects before hand, it could be feasible to put multiple HTML drawables with different positions on one target to create the illusion that multiple objects have been recognized.

I am sorry for not being able to provide more concrete information.


Best regards,


Hi Nicolas,

I am trying to create 2 different trackers that can be recognized at the same time.  Is this being supported at this time?

In more details, I have playing cards and each one has a its own 3D image.  When I place any 2 or 3 or 4 cards next to each other, I want all of them to be recognized at the same time and react with each other.

Can I do this with the current version of the Wikitude?




I also need to track multiple images simultaneously and I'm curious if this is already possible.


I was contacted by Wikitude suppot team and informed that multiple tracking is not possible with Wikitude at this time.

Bummer :(

Great news for you as today we launched SDK 7, which introduces as well your feature request, “Multiple Image Target”. In a nutshell, SDK 7 includes:
  • Object Recognition
  • Multiple Image Target Recognition Hit-testing API for SLAM
  • Instant tracking improvements
  • Extended recognition range
Multiple Image Target’ feature enables recognition of several images simultaneously. Once the images are recognized, developers will be able to layer 3D models, buttons, videos, images and more on each target. Additionally, augmentations will be able to interact with each other based on the targets’ positions.

Check out this blog for a developer insight. You can download the new SDK 7 directly from our Download page. Enjoy our new cool features ;)



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