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Texture replacement

Texture replacement

Thanks for the suggestions, Wolfgang.  We'll certainly try to keep our texture sizes small, and I'll try your lazy loading suggestion.

thanks for the feature suggestion. I've put it on our ideas list to discuss for future versions.

For now a few ideas pop into my head:

If you are using the SDK you can package the eggs in the application bundle, so you won't need to download over the network.

Implementing lazy loading could speed up things significantly, e.g. just load the first egg you are displaying to the user and go from there

Reduce the texture size or use just color to further reduce the file size and to save on network bandwidth.

I have a suggestion for a new feature.  I would like to be able to set the texture on a Model.

My situation is that I'm doing an easter egg hunt, with two dozen eggs.  The eggs are all identical, except for their textures.  I currently have to create 24 wt3 files (which is quite time-consuming) and the app has to download 24 different models (which is slow, and imposes extra network traffic on the user).  It would be nice if I could have one wt3 file and simply set the texture (I only have one egg visible at a time).

What I would propose is Model.setTexture(ImageResource), which takes an ImageResource and applies it as the texture on the Model.

In fact, it would be nice if I could load a sprite sheet (similar to AnimatedImageDrawable).  That way I wouldn't have the overhead of fetching 24 different images, since I would just specify which frame I want to display on the model.  It would also allow me to have animated textures, for things like ripples in a pond or waterfalls or flickering flames.

I realize you probably already have many new features that you're working on, but I thought I would suggest this so perhaps it might get added to the list of ideas for the future.

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