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Static Poi with the example SimpleArBrowser

Static Poi with the example SimpleArBrowser

Somebody please could help in placing static pois in the simplearbrowser for android, I am of the city of Loja, Ecuador. I am trying to put the coordinated lat, long and alt but in the example they are not shown the pois. Next I put the data and the code that I am using:


private void loadSampleWorld() throws IOException {



final int NR_OF_TESTPOIS = 8;

JSONArray array = new JSONArray();

List<PoiBean> poiBeanList = new ArrayList<PoiBean>();

try {


PoiBean poi = new PoiBean("0", "Restaurant", "MamaMia", 1,-3.948430158082012,-79.21932220458984, 2100);




PoiBean poi1 = new PoiBean("1", "Pizza", "Forno Di Fango", 2,-3.941151834300235, -79.22781944274902, 2100);





this.architectView.callJavascript("newData(" + array.toString() + ");");

} catch (JSONException e) {







Dudu you find a solution i have the same problem !!


such a friend and found the solution has the problem lies at the beginning of the Java class that is called in the variables SimpleARBrowserActivity

         private final static float TEST_LATITUDE = 47.77318f;

         private final static float TEST_LONGITUDE = 13.069730f;

         private final static float TEST_ALTITUDE = 150;

there must set these parameters according to your current position.

did know how to insert your own POI ? plz

clearly have to enter the same way that I am doing, check the initial post in this forum there is the solution to your concerns

in fact i load the POI data from my DB and i want to display those POI and I didn't find a solution how to do that

Could you help me plz ?

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