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Indicator of geo object disappeared

Indicator of geo object disappeared


In my AR view I use image recognition functionality and geo objects functionality using IRAndGeoBrowser as example. Everything  works ok, I mean when tracker loaded trackable images are recognized, also Geo Objects are shown. Only one thing isn't working. I set indicator property to geo object's drawables, and it is appeared on the screen until AR.traker object is loaded. When tracker is loaded indicator disappeared.

Can you suggest any reason?


Thanks for letting us know. I will have a look at this. If you happen to have an example to reproduce the issue please attach it to the forum post or send it to info AT Wikitude DOT com.

I'll let you know once we looked at it.

I could verify that this is an issue on Android. The viewing area might get extendend when running image recognition which results in the indicator being hidden on 2 edges of the screen.

This is NOT an issue on iOS as of 2.0 and works there as expected.

We will be including a fix for Android in the next version. If you want to workaround the issue now. I suggest using a bigger image that is also visible if the viewing area is extended beyond the screen. You might have to experiement with what size is working and looking okay for your usecase.
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