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Maps and Auto AR View iOS

Maps and Auto AR View iOS

I've had a look and play with the iOS SDK as research for a possible treasure hunt app. I was hoping to find everything in the SDK working as per the Wikitude app but it appears not.

Is there any info about showing map or list view and how to integrate? Is there also something to make Auto AR View default on/off without having to go into settings (or is this in the main app only)?

Quite dissappointed with the SDK so far without the map view or even a tutorial.


the SDK's purpose is to provide you with the necessary tools to create your own augmented reality view. For map and list you will need to use the native platform components. If you prefere coding using web technologies have a look at phonegap (the SDK is availble as a phonegap plugin).

As for tutorials have a look at: which offer a collection of tutorials to get you started on coding the AR experience

SDK Examples - Explains the examples included in the SDK

Let us know if you have further questions on how to get started.

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