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Problem with "Loading..." on Android

Problem with "Loading..." on Android

Hi Andreas,

thanks for you answer.

I discovered what was the problem. I was using the libraries of Vuforia 1.5.9. When I downloaded the latest libraries (2.0.30) all was good. Now, IRandGeoBrowser and SimpleIRExample work perfectly.

I think the problem in ARchitect tools is that it was compiled with the old libraries (I extracted the contents of wikitude-amv-v1.2.apk and I noticed that the weight of it was only 1,9MB (vs 3MB from new version))



Hi Ricardo,

The easiest way to run the samples is to import them as projects into workspace.
All required paths and imports are set. Also ensure to have very latest Wikitude SDK version in place.

In case you still have the issue please let me know the Logcat output (separate window in eclipse-dev-environment or "adb -d locat" in console)



I'm trying wikitude, but I'm unable to run even examples. Always the same issue -> "Loading...", I can't see anymore. I've tried with SimpleIRExample, IRandGeoBrowser... In ARChitect Viewer I only can see Hello World and Basics, HUD.

I tested on Mi One Plus with MIUI 4.0.4 and Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.3.7.

Can anyone help me?


Thanks in advance
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