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Queries about wikitude SDK SimpleARBrowser code

Queries about wikitude SDK SimpleARBrowser code


I have following queries regarding the SDK.

1)   In my App, I am trying to display POI data in the footer of the Camera view, as in the sample app.

      But, sometimes, the data doesn't load in the footer if I click the POI immediately after launching the view.

2)   I am getting wikitude alert "The app wants to use location services" twice when I install the app for the first time.

      Before this, I was getting this alert only once at the first launch.

3)   Most of the times, I get at least one POI less than what I set as number of POIs in the WTSecondViewController.h file.

      eg. If I set noOfPOIs = 5, I get max 4 POIs          If I set noOfPOIs = 10, I get max 9 POIs


Are these the bugs in the SDK? Why this unusual behaviour happening?

I am using wikitude SDK1.2 trial version on devices with iOS 5.1 & 6.0




1) You should be able to click on the footer when the last poi finished loading.


2) This alert is triggered by iOS and will pop up only once. Are you closing the App in Xcode or via the Home Button of your device?


3) You can change the behaviour how the pois are generated. Have a look at the -generatePois: method (line 240, SecondViewController.m).


Best regards



Thanks Andreas, sorry for late reply.

I am able to resolve other issues. I have only 1 issue now.

I am loading data from web service & generating POIs in -generatePois: method.

All POIs load, but generateOnPoiBubbleClickFunc(id) function doesn't get called for some POIs ie. program control doesn't return back in -(void)poiDetailViewWithPOIID:(NSString *)theSelectedPOIID method of my view controller.

How can I check if the generateOnPoiBubbleClickFunc(id) function gets called or not? Is there any way to print log on console from this function (like 'NSLog')?

Please reply. Thanks in Advance. 
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