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Problem running SImpleIRSample in WikitudeSDK1.2

Problem running SImpleIRSample in WikitudeSDK1.2


I am trying to run SImpleIRSample with WikitudeSDK1.2.

I have downloaded the Vuforia SDK 2.0 & added the headers & vuforia library in the project as mentioned.

I have also provided the user search paths & library serch paths for these newly added things.

I am able to install the application on my iPhone, but the ARchitect world is not loading completely.

It only shows 'loading' message in the browser header.

I am using XCode 4.3.2 & iPhone4S with iOS 5.1.

On the Vuforia site it says that iOS SDK 6.0 or above with XCode 4.5 or later is required for use with Vuforia SDK2.0.

Can I not run it on iOS 5.1 at all? Any help is highly appreciated.





have you tested your World with a iOS 6 device?

Best regards


Thanks Andreas,

I tried it on iOS 6. It works fine. Its now also working fine on an iPad with iOS 5.1.

I think there's some problem with my iPhone.
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