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App crashes when ARBrowser is pushed onto a Navigation Controller

App crashes when ARBrowser is pushed onto a Navigation Controller

Hi all,

I am trying to integrate ARBroser App in my application. I have all the required libraries and frameworks in place.

I have a login screen & after 'login success' I am trying to push ARBrowser's view controller using navigation control.

But as soon as the ARBrowser's view controller is pushed, my app crashes.

It gives error as: terminate called throwing an exception.

But its not showing which exception is causing the crash.

Please reply. Thanks in advance.



Hi Pritesh,

which SDK version are you using? The SDK 1.2 is tested in many different UI's and should work fine in your scenario. 

Best regards



I downloaded the SDK1.2, but I am not able to see the POIs even in its sample application.

I have included the linker flag -ObjC as mentioned in the documentation.

Release doc for SDK1.2 says that SBJSON library has been removed from it.

Is this a problem because of that? (Don't think so because there are files related to this library in the sample codes of the SDK).





did you set your location in the sample application? You need to do this in the file WTSecondViewController, line 24/25.

Best regards



I did set the coordinates in WTSecondViewController.h file. That wasn't the problem anyway.

Its working fine now after I added the library again.

Thanks for help.
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