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image recognition

image recognition

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We have image recognition a for parsonal. i have been in a sate of provided. But when i try to view it in my ARchitectMobile Viewer the application just aborts seconds after loading. Could you please sort this for me.
Heres the link  of where i have uploaded. Just Folow image recognitionI launched it on  an android 4.0. on a Galaxy S2.

Thanks in advance.


thanks for your request. Our Android team will look into this issue and will provide feedback to you in the next couple of days.



Hi there!

Have you already tried the IR Sample provided in the SDK's sample folder?
You can find details on IR Implementation on our developer page.

The IR experience itself is then a HTML-file you may test using the provided mobile-viewer (AMV).

I highly recommend to first of all have a look at the samples and overall concept first, then start adjusting the IR-sample to your needs and use JS-debugging and AR-logger for detailed bugfixing.

If you need advanced assistance feel free to send the link to the html-file (similar to the sample-files) to 
android (at) wikitude (dot) com

Kind regards,
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