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Deflection in the POI due to presence of soft metal

Deflection in the POI due to presence of soft metal

Hi Abhishek,

In your conversation with Andreas to this topic he mentioned that metal affects the magnetometer and that inaccuracies can occur when you put your device near metal. 



Hi Nicola,

Yes I got this answer from the Andreas.

But i just want to know can we use the motion manager class to stop wikitude updating the poi`s while there is any kind of desterbance in the surrondings?

Can you provide me the detail description how the motion manager instance work in the wikitude?

As there is no documentation how much we can control the wikitude using our own motion manager instance.

Thanks and Regards

Abhishek Goyal



the CMMotionManager instance that you can pass in the initializeWithKey:MotionManager method is fully controlled by the WikitudeSDK. 

The reason while you can pass an instance of CMMotionManager is only because Apple recommends to only create a single instance of CMMotionManager in one application. If you don't use an instance of CMMotionManager in your application, than you have to pass nil for the CMMotionManager instance in the initializeWithKey:MotionManager method. If you have already an instance of CMMotionManager in you application, than pass this instance in the initializeWithKey:MotionManager method. The WikitudeSDK will change some properties of the provided CMMotionManager instance to work properly. 


If you want to stop the sensor updates in you ARchitect World, than you can use the following snippet: = false;


Best regards



I am using wikitude sdk 1.2 and i am getting problem in showing the poi when there is a presence of metal aroud the device.

when the testing device is put in an area which contains soft metal all the POI`s are shifted towards left of the actual position.

I am attaching the image of what i am getting when the device is in the are surronded by metal.

Is there any solution how we can manage this calibration in the iphone?

will wikitude trigger any message when this type of things are happening?


Abhishek Goyal

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