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Overlapping POI with iOS SDK 1.2

Overlapping POI with iOS SDK 1.2

Does iOS SDK 1.2 handles overlapping POI as the same way it is handled in Wikitude Augumented Reality Browser 7.6.1 iPhone app?. 

(Attached image from Wikitude Augmented Reality Browser 7.6.1 App)


Hi Shrikant,

This exact overlapping mechanism is currently not provided in the SDK as generally the overlapping handling is something unique to your application and in most of the cases will be done different in each case.

Please have a look at this forums post - which should help you solve the clustering problem. Please also check out the .js file provided by Andreas in this post.



HI I am getting same error in iOS 

When i have called multiple time method for self.architectView.callJavaScript(World.loadPoisFromJsonData(...))

getting Overlapping poi data.

How can i solve please let me know 

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