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ARchitectWorld only on screen edge

ARchitectWorld only on screen edge

Hi. I finally managed to make the Wikitude phonegap plug-in run, but there's a small glitch.

I only see what the camera is taking on the right edge of my screen - a strip around 1cm wide. The rest of the screen is just blackness except I can still see the wikitude logo on the left bottom edge.


I'm calling the loadARchitectWorld function, which loads the 'Hello World' ARchitectWorld html file from my server. Am I doing something wrong ?


(I'm running it on an Xperia U device, ICS)

Hi Marian,

We know there are some devices out there that have camera issues causing cam-surface being stretched, which is a hardware issue.
Do you have same issue when running provided sample-projects? Do you even have the issue when running Wikitude app?


Actually I can't even launch the Wikitude app. It's stuck in the loading stage...

The one I was launching was using the 'Hello world' AR world.

I tried to launch the app on an SGS3 and it worked the first time I launched it.

Now it launches, but it won't load the AR world. I tried to change the path to every possible option. I also tried to link to the online world on the main wikitude page, but it still won't load the world.

I'm talking about the HUD tutorial.
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