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Displaying Nearby Places

Displaying Nearby Places


I want to show nearby places using phonegap wikitude sdk, so how can I do that using the example phonegap project provided on github.

Hi there!

Our AR-plugin for phoneGap covers all Augmented-Reality related topics.
You can display any kind of content in AR.
Please have a look at the Sample project we provide on GitHub for PhoneGap. You can then e.g. update the HelloWorld-Sample so you display closest places of your preferred content-source.
To get a better understanding of what is possible with the WIkitude SDK under the hood of the PhoneGap-plugin please check our SDK-documentation and tutorials.

Also have a look at the SimpleARBrowser Sample inside the Android/iOS SDK, which shows random places in users vicinity.
Keep in mind that solely the JS/HTML parts are required to create an ARchitect World, any Android/iOS/PhoneGap related stuff around is there just to "launch your AR-Experience (World)".

Hope that helps.

Hello Andreas,

I downloaded the sample project from Github and also ran it on the iPhone, but it shows the blank AR view. After reading this documentation, I found one xcode project inside the SDK, Simple AR Browser, so should I compile that project individually or I have to do something else to display the nearby places of users.
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