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wikitude, html5 and camera...

wikitude, html5 and camera...


Since it is possible to control the smartphone's camera with html5 I was wondering if it would be possible to integrate the Wikitude Image Recognition into a WebApp and not into a native app ?

Any thoughts on what code to use and how to make it happen ?

Take care


Hello Sebastien,


right now the Wikitude Image Recognition module is a native component which is not suitable to run in a browser environment.

To perform image recognition and tracking in a pure HTML5/Javascript environment two things are needed: (1) access to the pixel data of the current video frame and (2) porting the complex and computationally expensive IR algorithms to run inside a standard browser (e.g. use Javascript - which still is considerably slower than an optimized C implmentation).

Both requirements are prohibitive at the moment but the progress of smartphone hardware and mobile browser development may enable such a feature in the future.


Best regards,

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