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Is the publish section down

Is the publish section down

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Is the publish section down

Hi Derek o Meara!

Today's we will investigate the issue related to your account. Consequently, it might be not accessible for a short time.

Stay tuned!

Thanks, Simone

Hi again,

Your DevZone panel is now working as expected.

Kind Regards,


Thank you SImone

all is good in wikitude  again


Regards Derek

You 're welcome!

Happy developing with Wikitude :)



why i can't find the publish section? i really interested on working through the publish section

why i can't access to "Create World" section?

Hello Amira,

Please find all information regarding Wikitude Studio below:

Wikitude is terminating Wikitude Studio ( and replacing it by our newly developed Studio Editor. Additionally, Wikitude will terminate support for geo-worlds hosted in the Wikitude App.

Our team has been building the new generation AR content management tool, called Studio Editor, that will continue to provide the same features you loved in Wikitude Studio. Exact migration instructions and actions to be taken will follow via email within the next weeks.

Migration & hosting 

  • Automatic migration of AR experiences from Wikitude Studio to Studio Editor will be provided for all active customers later this year. 
  • AR experiences hosted in Wikitude Studio will be upgraded for compatibility with Studio Editor. 

Important dates (in chronological order)

  • Customers using Wikitude Studio hosting in combination with a SDK version lower than 4.1, should contact our team for further information latest by 2017-03-30.
  • Wikitude Studio will export worlds only in SDK 4.1 or higher version starting 2017-04-04 (if you use the Wikitude App as publishing channel, this does not affect you). 
  • The Wikitude Studio ( will be discontinued from 2017-09-30 onwards. 
  • After 2017-09-30 AR experiences hosted in Wikitude Studio will not be editable (read-only). 
  • Geo-Worlds in the Wikitude App will not be available after 2017-09-30. 
  • Existing tools offering ‘Publish in Wikitude’ feature will not be available after 2017-09-30 except for upcoming the new features in Studio Editor. 
  • AR experiences hosted in Wikitude Studio will be deleted after 2017-12-31.

Wikitude is committed to creating powerful tools that allow anyone to build ultimate AR experiences in just a few clicks.



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