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Video Overlay

Video Overlay


Hi all,

i'm an italian developer.

I would like to know if someone is working on the possibility to add video overlays and also transparent background ( .flv ) video overlays.


That is definitely something we are working on. I cannot share any roadmap details on this, but it will come. Since you mentioned transparent background video overlays, can you give us more details on this and how important this is for you?



i'v a lot of customers asking me AR with video . So i've to use Aurasma to visualize it, cause no one like the integrated player.

With transparent bg you can achieve awsome results.

Guess as 1st frame of a video the trigger image, and if is a star, you need a mask and a transparent bg to "animate" your image.

YOu're customers will be shocked by the effect.

Hope this help...



Hi There,

Re-opening this ticket if you may. 

I would just like to know if the video overlay is capable of such controls-> play, pause, stop and video scroll.

Also, do you have any documentation/tutorial or sample AR app for this function?


Looking forward to your response.


Thank you very much.




of course that you 're capable to play, pause, stop and video scroll.. it's in the integrated video player "IOS"... so you get a full black screen video with controls, classic.

I don't remember how implement the video ( i did a lot ago ) , i think just use a link to a video and press it. that's all... how you can see no docs is referenced in ARchitect 3.1 .

Hope this help


Hi Francesco,

Thanks! Appreciate your quick response.

Yup. That was helpful.

Will try your suggestion, hope it works. 



Yes you can display multiple videos on one image target and play them at the same time. However audio will of course overlap ;).

We have successfully played 4 videos simultaneously. More videos might be possible, but depend on the video sizes and the need to play them simultaneously. In this case we suggest testing it on the target devices to ensure a smooth framerate.

Hi There,


Re opening this ticket if you may... 

I've noticed that there is already a new sample documentation for the video drawables. 

Just want to know if it's possible to display multiple videos in one(1) image target?



Great. Thanks! 

You've been very helpful.


thanks for the info, we'll keep transparent videos in mind when woking on the feature.
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