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Simple AR Browser in custom app

Simple AR Browser in custom app
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Hi guys, hope you are well.

We just started exploring wikitude so please be patient

We are busy with a demo app (Android)

The app is simply a Real Estate app showing properties in the market in AR view, with the options to route there etc (like location based worlds in wikitude browser).

There will be different price categories and when the button for a catagory is selected an AR view will open as explained above.

I have looked through your documentation and cannot find a simple tutorial on this.

I need the AR display to be exactly how a world is displayed in the wikitude browser for now just for demo purposes.

I will use a kml or csv or xml file to create the world.

I did install your simpleARbrowser example in eclipse and it works but all the data is on the device, and I need it to be server based as I need to be able to update it regularly.

As we are under pressure to get this done, I do not have time to go through all the tutorials and documentation, I simply need an example or tutorial for a custom android app to display a world similarly as it displays in the wikitude browser. 

We are familiar with vuforia but use it for IR only, we normally used Junaio where the process is quite simple.

-create a channel in their developer area

-import their plugin into eclipse

-point to the channel id

and its done.

Their license fees are very expensive though, and we prefer the way Wikitude location based is displayed.

please refer me to a tutorial to do this asap.


Thanks in advance. 
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