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"Missing licence key" on Cordova plugin 5.3.1-3.3.1


I downloaded the cordova plugin above and found that it works fine on Android.

however on both iOS8 and iOS 10 it displays the "missing licence key" error.

Both Android and iOS build reference the same plugin, which uses the same licence key.

The same iOS build referencing version 5.1.4 (again using the same licence key) works fine on iOS8. (but was not iOS10 compatible)

Can you let me know if other users have reported something similar?

Hello Gearoid,

What you should do is completely remove any older sdk version and keep only sdk 5.3.1. You should also make sure that you put the license key in all the 4 WikitudePlugin.js files and rebuild your app.

I hope this helps. Thanks


Thanks for your reply.

I rebuilt the mobile app referencing only the 5.3.1 sdk (so older versions were not included).

I was only aware of one WikitudePlugin.js file (in the www directory). I updated the following line with my licence key:
           this._sdkKey = "ENTER-YOUR-KEY-HERE";
Can you tell me which other files need to be updated for iOS? (Please include the relevant filepaths)
As previously indicated, this change was sufficient for the plugin to work on Andorid


You need to put the license key in all the WikitudePlugin.js files that you can locate inside your project. 


I rechecked the project build. There is only one occurrence of WikitudePlugin.js in the project. It contains the correct sdk key value (the same one that works on Android). I also compared the rest of the file to the plugin version and they are identical, so the build is picking up the correct version of the plugin during the build. (the release date in the js file for both the plugin and the build is 11.03.16)

Previous versions of the plugin were unable to launch on iOS 10, but this one is launching. The issue seems to relate to reading in the licence key, which for some reason is not working on any iOS.

Do you have any suggestions on what else to try, maybe device logs to add to the plugin to help debug the problem?

Hello Gearoid,

Could you please check the log files and send over the message you receive? In addition, you can also send us the trial license key you are using so that we can check if this is the correct one.



Hi Eva,

There is nothing unusual appearing in the log files. Are there any particular messages that I shoudl be watching out for?
I added some console.logs to wikitudePlugin.js and confirmed that the expected licence key (the same one that works on Android) is being used by the iOS app also. I assume that if both Android and iOS use the same plugin version, the licence key is valid for both platforms.

If you have an email address, I can send on the licence key and device logs  via that instead of posting it on the public forum.

PS: I noted the following in teh pluign code:

*in WTWikitudePlugin.m

NSString *sdkKey = [arguments objectForKey:kWTWikitudePlugin_ArgumentKeyLicenseKey];


* in WTArchitectView.h

  * Enables SDK features based on the given license key.


* @param licenseKey Your developer key, provided with your licence information.


* @return YES if the license key was valid for this app bundle name, NO otherwise.


- (void)setLicenseKey:(NSString *)licenseKey;

Is it worth adding log messages to ascertain if these are working properly or is the licence key read in elsewhere?


You can contact me at


Hi, finally resolved the issue.
It turns out that the previous iOS app was building against Wikitude 4 and the Android app was building against Wikitude 5. When I updated the iOS to build against Wikitude 5 instead, I used teh same licence key for both. However, the licence key was valid for Android only, therefore on iOS the plugin displayed the missing licence key watermark.
Obtained a separate iOS licence key for Wikitude 5 and plugin is working now.
Thanks for your time.


If anybody is using the same key across multiple platforms, make sure it is actually valid for all platforms.

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