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Using other sdk to render along with wikitude iOS App crash

I am using other SDK to render graphics on my iOS app along with wikitude javascript sdk 5.3

the other sdk stops rendering in viewdiddisappear

also wikitude sdk stops rendering in viewdiddisappear.

while stopping the rendering each sdk releases the gpu resources and these resources not available for other sdk causing my aaplication to crash with gleRunVertexSubmitARM

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Hi Sanjay,

You need to be careful with OpenGL ES context objects here. You can either create/use OpenGL ES objects (using a third party engine) within a Wikitude SDK Plugins `startRender`/`endRender` methods or (When these methods are called, a OpenGL ES context is bound) create your own OpenGL ES context and make sure that this one is the current context when your third party engine is rendering.

Best regards,


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