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Wikitude Studio to publish multiple languages to hundreds of targets.


We've been experimenting with Wikitude Studio for a Museum project. 

The reason we like the Studio Platform is that it's simple enough for the museum staff to add and update content.

One caveat though : we are looking at 200-300 target images, localized in 5-6 languages.

Is Wikitude Studio the best workflow for it? And how would we go about serving up text related to each image in multiple languages? Open an URL? HTML Widgets?

Ideally the user would pick a language and from then on the app would bring the content associated with the target image in the correct language.

Any thoughts ? Is this really the best workflow for our purpose?

Thanks a lot!

Hello Carlos,

Thank you for sending your detailed use case. If you would like to implement this with Studio it would be possible but it would be too much time and effort consuming from your side, especially since you have this amount of target images to cope with. So my suggestion would be to move away from Studio and consider using our Javascript API. That would give you more freedom in integrating your specific use case but would also mean that you are capable of coding and not in a beginner's level. In addition, because of the number of target images you wish to have, you could also consider using our Cloud Recognition service.

Since our Javascript API offers free trial you could download it from our website and give it a try.




But that would require us to either develop our own publishing platform, or rely on the developer to update the content regularly? Does the Studio and SDK integrate somehow?


Hello Carlos,

I would strongly advice you not to try and integrate Studio with SDK. Once you have developed a project with Studio there is an option available where you can download the project. Inside this folder there is a javascript file with the code of your project. Although you could try and alter the contents of this file, we are against altering Studio files as this could have an impact on your application.

Since you have a use case that moves out of the ordinary functionalities and so you would need more 'freedom' in your code then that would mean that you should develop your app using our Javascript API and if you do now have programming skills then you would need a developer as well.



Hello Carlos,

Are you still in need of a multi language CMS for Augmented Reality content? If so, please have a look at We are a premium partner of Wikitude (see and we provide a CMS ("Studio") that handles multiple languages out of the box. The recognition engine is from Wikitude.

We are even able to display text / HTML overlay or open a url when user does click on a button / image / video so you could show related info.

If you are interested, just leave me a message with details about your project (the use case / workflow, example of tracker images, which content you want to display).

Thanks and Best Regards,


Hello Jonathan, 

I'm interested. How do i reach you?


Hello Carlos,

you can reach me via contact form on TARTT AR CMS website .

Best Regards,


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