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Difference Targets API vs Cloud Recognition

What's the difference about Targets API vs Cloud Recognition.

I have my own CMS, when i publish an image in this CMS i publish this image into Cloud Recognition service too in order to connect this image to the smartphone app when user take a photo in theirs smartphones. Should I use Targets API instead Cloud Recognition???? 


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Hello Cristobal,

I would suggest that you continue using Cloud Recognition services since we have taken the decision to discontinue the Wikitude Targets API product. The functionality the Targets API has provided so far - generating Wikitude Target Collections through a REST API - is now available through the Wikitude Cloud Recognition API. The Cloud Recognition API has several advantages for you as a developer:

  • More modern API design
  • No mor usage based pricing, but a flat pricing to connect images to target collections 
  • Integrated into Studio Manager web front-end 
  • Image quality rating available as response value
  • Higher API performance
I hope this helps

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