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Scrub Video

Hi is it possible to scrub a video? IE, set the video to play at a particular start duration. And also be able to grab the time of the currently played video.

A use case would be to have a way for users to switch the video mode from a videodrawable to a fullscreen video

Unfortunately this feature is not supported. I recommend you to use different VideoDrawables for different purpose.

Best regards,

Why is this solved? Is there a new version of wikitude that supports this feature? How do I put in a feature request? I don't actually need to have a slider to scrub the video. It'll be great if there is a seek() function and perhaps a getCurrentTime() function in the video drawable so that I can get the current time of the video and seek to the correct position/time in the video

Hello Jin, 

As stated above, this feature is not supported. In order to see the features that are supported by Wikitude for VideoDrawables please refer to the documentation here.



I do understand it isn't supported. Is there any way this feature will be implemented in the future? How can I put in a feature request to you guys?
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