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3D Tracking - Unity sample

3D Tracking - Unity sample

Hi, when I run unity sample app and try to use 3D Tracking it doesn't seem to work the way it should.

I suppose it should look as in this video:


1) I'am not asked to type "tracking map name"

2) I don't see any markers showing up in the scene

3) when quality is established and recording starts I don't see the "stop recording" option on the screen, so I can not finish the process (which I don't know if somehow was happening)

I try this on Lenovo vibe p1m with Android 5.1

What could be the problem? Thanks

Hi Vukmir,

First of all you should make sure that you are using our latest SDK version (1.4.0 for Unity) to make sure you benefit from our latest improvements. Furthermore, in order to be able to track a map you need to achieve a good map quality. This is why you need to make sure that you are tracking small objects and you need to move your device around until you get a good quality tracking message.


I am using the latest version. And quality indicators says the scene is good. First it says "bad", after a while "average" then suddenly "good" and it starts recording on its own (doesn't wait for any click) and then as I said the "stop recording" button is not present at all. 

Seems like kinda big bug to me.

Hello Vukmir,

Thanks for the further clarification. Actually, this is how our sample works in Unity. There is no start or stop button. However, if you wish to have these functionalities you can implement them by yourself.


So the demo app is just to show that 3d tracking works but the user can't actually later use the tracked scene? That's weird..

Anyway my complaint remains the same: I don't see any markers showing up so I suppose it means that 3d tracking isn't actually working so why would I bother with implementing of saving the result if I can't be sure that the result is produced in the first place..
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