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Generic Image Recogntion

Generic Image Recogntion

Hi, I've been playing with wikitude for a bit now and have been pretty happy with what I have been able to do with it in native iOS. I am currently using it to track a gift card and display some views around it. The question I have and have been trying to figure out is if there is some way to track a "generic" gift card. So instead of having to have a target image for every gift card I could have a single target that encompasses all gift cards.

Is this something that is possible? 



As every target image is specific and you can define specific augmentations for each - if you'd have 1 target image (or generic card) the same augmentation will be displayed. If you have the same element on each of your gift cards (e.g. a logo that has good reco and tracking quality) you could use this element as target image. Then every time someone scans this element (independant which gift card it's on) the defined augmentation would be shown. But it can't be distinguished between different cards.

I hope this helps. Greetings

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