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WT3 file with lighting is rendered totally black with phonegap

WT3 file with lighting is rendered totally black with phonegap



I imported a FBX file with lighting effects in Wikitude 3D Encoder and the import was successful.

However when using the .wt3 file in my project the object is completely black.

I'm using the plugin to phonegap (5.3.0-3.3.1).

No lighting files work normally.


What may be my mistake?


Does the model look the same in the Wikitude3dEncoder?

Does the fbx contain a light source?

Hello Roland!


I took a screenshort for you to have a better understanding.



The FBX file has lighting effect and as you can see in "Wikitude3dEncoder" it is rendered perfectly.


My problem is my application that renders them totally black objects to any file with lighting.

Thanks for the screenshot.

I would have to take a look at the model properties to see what s causing that. 

Can you send us the fbx file, please? Either here via "attach files" or to with a reference to the 3D model support.

I sent the file to the support email.


Thank you Roland, for your attention! :)

Thanks for the files.

The texture you use has a size of 3000x3000. This may to too large for some devices and therefore rejected, which lets the surface appear black. 
In addition some devices require texture sizes which are a power of two (for example 256x256, 512x512 or 1024x1024) at least for some texture modes, like "texture repeat". This is also stated in the warning messages which appear after opening the fbx file in Wikitude3dEncoder. 

Therefore I would recommend that you try again with a texture of size 512x512 on the device.
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