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Distance in Arabic

Distance in Arabic


I am developing an iOS native Augmented reality app using Wikitude by javascript APIs that should support english as well as arabic languages.

In my app, I have to show distance in arabic language in blue marker on Architect View.

Can someone please help me in this.

Also I am invoking callJavascript method and passing arabic string to that method, but when i m passing arabic string as parameter to callJavascript method, its not getting called.

Could anybody please let me know how to pass arabic string to callJavascript method from native iOS code.


Hello Neha,

In order to be able to support Arabic you have to do some modifications in your html file For example, you need to add a dir attribute to the html tag to set the default base direction of your page if it is right-to-left. You will find more information in this article here and in this stackoverflow example here.

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