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Questions about basic setup of iOS app / Setup Guide

Questions about basic setup of iOS app / Setup Guide

Hi Alex, 


you are correct about bitcode needing to be disbaled. But I just successfully built our example application without having to link the CoreMedia Framework. I'll try to do further investigations on this.

In any case I thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will forward this information to the appropriate channels so we can improve the setup guide. Furthermore I commend you for figuring this out on your own and submitting a solution rather than a problem. This is very much appreciated. :)


Kind regards


Hello, I am following the setup guide and have run into a few issues.

1.) Does bitcode have to be disabled for the project to build? This seemed to be the case for me.

2.) Are there some frameworks missing from the list of libraries to add in the setup guide? My project was not building until I referenced against the Wikitude Examples app... When I added CoreMedia Framework the problem seemed to go away.

Thanks. I'm not sure if these are issues for everyone but if they are perhaps the setup guide can be updated for others!
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