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Not include video at export

Not include video at export

Hi Svein,

I am sorry for the late response. Yes, if you download the studio project using self-hosted option then you can go to the content_mini.js file and put the relative path where your video is hosted on the line below



Any idea? :)

Okay, thanks for your reply!

So what is the best way to link to the URL?

In the content_mini.js I see the src key, change that form local ref to http ref?

Hi Svein,

If you choose the self-hosting option then you download the project files to your computer. From there you can upload the project to your own servers of your choice and host them yourself. 

In this option, your project is packaged as zip file, which contains all required files. This includes the target collection and any kind of augmentations so videos as well. Full-screen videos and HTML Widgets are packaged as online version (offline not available).

I hope this information helps. Thanks,


When I export and choose "Self-hosting", is it a way to not embed the video in the generated project file?

I want to host the videos on my server, not locally in the app.


Any ideas og suggestions?
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