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Offline Experience with Ti/Alloy

Offline Experience with Ti/Alloy

Hi, like the title said; i like to know what is the url to put my html files on an Alloy project
i put on app/assets/android(iphone/ and the url on load methos '/world/index.html' but not working;
Any ideas?

Hello Jose,

Could you please provide us with some further information regarding what it is you wish to accomplish?


of course; im usin Alloy framework on appcelerator to implement ARexperiences
so far its good using remote url ej:ARview.loadArchitectWorldFromURL(arquitectWorld,,{ "camera_position": "back"}); 
BUT when we want to use a local url inside our app dosent work 
the assets are on app/assets/android/experience/index.html also we tried app/assets/experience/index.html
and on code we tried ARview.loadArchitectWorldFromURL("/experience/index.html" ,,{"camera_position": "back"}); and ARview.loadArchitectWorldFromURL("experience/index.html" ,,{"camera_position": "back"});
ARview.loadArchitectWorldFromURL("../experience/index.html" ,,{"camera_position": "back"}); so far unsucceful
any ideas ?

Hi if anyone want to aproach this (using Alloy and wikitude for offline experiences)
You need to put your experiences on app/assets/<platform>/assets/<experience>/index.html

and the url to load is: "<experience>/index.html"

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