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Communicate between JS & Objective-C

Communicate between JS & Objective-C

Hi all,

I'm using the Wikitude SDK (iOS Javascript) inside my Objective-C project and I was wondering if there is a way to send data back and forth between Objective-C and JS.

For example, I have a video that gets loaded and shown when an AR marker gets tracked, but when the video is done playing I want to communicate this back to my Objective-C code so I can load a new view controller.
In the opposite direction I want to be able to communicate from Objective-C to the JS file, because I want to be able to set the filename of the video that has to be loaded.

Is this possible? I couldn't really find an answer in the docs.



Hi Frederik,



--- JS -> ObjC ---


--- ObjC -> JS ---





 * Executes the passed JavaScript string in the context of the currently loaded ARchitect World.

 * This can be used to pass data to the ARchitect World or to notify it of external events.


 * @param javaScript A string, representing the javascript code which should be executed.


- (void)callJavaScript:(NSString*)javaScript;



Kind regards


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