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Drawing AR content after detecting a face

Drawing AR content after detecting a face

Hi Nancy,

You can use our FaceDetection plugin. We have a documentation here and we also provide a free sample.




 I have the same question the tutorials have not helped me much, it is possible to draw AR objects after detecting a face?

 I need Hepl please.

Hi there,

My recommendation would be to try and achieve that with Javascript API and not with Native API. Either way I am posting here tutorials on face detection using Plugins with both Javascript and Native.

I hope this helps you.


Hi, I'm trying to add a .wt3 after detecting a face, I'm currently trying with the js API, so far the face detection is going great, but I can't find a way to add the AR after that, is there a way to communicate with the js API and make it add the .wt3? if not, any recommendation on a way to add it using the native API? any help would be much appreciated. thanks
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