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How to display augmentations pre-defined in WikitudeStudio?

How to display augmentations pre-defined in WikitudeStudio?

Hi there.

I went through all the sample apps, managed to populate and handle pois from the webservice, display local/remote assets on image recognition (including 3d models). All works great. The only thing I can't do at the moment is to display augmentations that have been defined in the Studio. It works with your WikiStudio Android app, but I've no clue how can I fetch them and display in my app. I Use Android/JS SDK. Is there any field in the response that contains links with those objects + their display options?



If I understood correctly, you have a project build with Wikitude Studio that you want to link with you Javascript project. In Studio, you can download the project you created as a zip file for self-hosting or as an offline app. This zip file containts all target collection, any kind of augmentation as well as all required js and html files. This is the package that you will need to connect it with your Javascript project. 


Hi Eva,


You missunderstood me slightly. I don't want to download the project. I simply go to the Wikitude Studio beta, add a new project, add new target and put some augmentation on it. When I use your official Wikitude app, go to developer, put my credentials and point on a target - everything works fine - i see all the augmentations on the target.

When I use my own android/js app with CloudTracker, the app recognises the target image but I don't know how to display the augmentations pre-defined in the Wikitude studio. All I can do in js is to display local augmentations in onRecognition...


I would also like to know if it is possible to display 3d models that I have added in Wikitude Studio in my app when a target is recognized. In the Wikitude sample app the target image is recognized and the 3d model I added is displayed relative to the target as I have layed it out in Wikitude Studio but in my app which uses the Wikitude iOS/JS SDK the target image is recognized but the 3d model is not rendered. If this feature is not currently available in the iOS/JS SDK could you provide a timelline of when it will be available?

Thank you,


Hello Tom,

at the moment the augmented projects created with studio beta is available for offline/hosting projects only. We are aware of the necessity of the feature to provide augmented projects in cloud recognition mode as well and you will see this feature in a future release.


Hi Killian,

actually a studio project uses the iOS/Android SDK in the background. That means that those features are already available.
Maybe the API reference to the AR.Model helps


Hi Christian,

I should have clarified that I need to display 3d models using cloud recognition and I see from your reply to Tom that this feature is not yet available.

Thanks for you help,

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