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3d sample model for encoder

3d sample model for encoder

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Hi Roland,

Thank you very much for your answer.

We fixed the problem. That was because we created the model in 3ds Max. After we changed the textures in Maya, these textures can be displayed.

But we got another problem, the surface and colour do not show precisely.

Can we have your email? We couldn't send screenshots.


The error message is already a good starting point for solving your problem.

Check the materials in your 3D modeling tool of choice in regard to textures settings. Make sure to not use absolute paths. Check the fbx export options to pack the textures into the fbx. 

If the exporter does not allow the above make sure that the texture's image files are available in the same directory as the fbx exported. The Wikitude3dEncoder will find them there. 

Hi guys,

We got a bit problem with converting fbx to wt3 file. That shows "Texture file path undefined" when open with the encoder. Could anyone please share a sample in maya similar to 3d model in this page so that we can see where the problem is.

Thank you very much.

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