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Wikitude SDK + Cardboard (GVR) SDK

Wikitude SDK + Cardboard (GVR) SDK

Hi, i got a issue. I have a project with Wikitude working fine. Now i have to implement Cardboard SDK to complement de app. Everything goes great at development time. But when i compile and run. I got an error saying google cardboar renderthread EXC_BAD_ACCESS, this only happens if there is a reference to (included) Wikitude SDK. even if no implementing any funcionalities.

Hello Camilo,

Wikitude does not officialy supports Cardboard SDK but it could be that at compile time you had linker errors but at runtime either the Cardboard SDK or the Wikitude SDK replaced some methods with the same name with a different implementation.

Can you please tell me if you had initually any compile/link errors?





Maybe information from this thread are helpful.

Both libraries, the Wikitude SDK and Cardboard SDK, seem to rely on the same symbol name with different implementations. As mentionend in the other thread, it's very likely caused by image libraries like libpng or libjpeg. Removing symbols from those libraries in either the Wikitude SDK or Cardboard are likely to solve the problems.

We're working on a way to completely isolate the Wikitude SDK from other libraries but this takes some more time (I can't give you any timelines so far).

Best regards,

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