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Lightning Problems

Lightning Problems


I have a problem with the Lightning of my Model. In Blender everything is fine and the Lightning works, but in the Encoder it looks like the Model is overexposed. I'm using the base Sun of Blender which worked just fine on another Model and i can't find the difference.  


The first pick is the Render view in Blender, the second is the view in the Encoder. Any help would be nice.

Thanks in advance,


Which encoder version are you using?

The newest version (1.7) behaves differently regaring the ambient light. 

So check the ambient color of your material and your scene's ambient light color. Make sure to give them reasonable values.

Please check your model also with Autodesk FBX Reviewer with lighting switched on. Blender has different viusalization modes which give different visualization results. So, use FBX Reviewer as a reference, not Blender.
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